The perfect pillow

01. The product

This pillow has been designed to respect the natural curvature of the spine. It remains ideally aligned, no matter what position you sleep in. This limits tension in the back and neck.

Our ergonomic pillow is considered the best on the market and is the only one to have been awarded 5 stars (the maximum) by the ErgoCert organisation.

02. Handicraft

All our products are handmade in Italy by passionate and qualified craftsmen.

SleepIt pillows keep this common point of being shaped and controlled with a care that makes their unity and difference for 50 years. Offering you the most advanced innovation in the field of sleep.

03. Innovation

The secret of a good pillow lies in the quality of its manufacture. Whether it is the materials chosen or the innovation that makes it up.

In order to limit tension in the back and neck, the thickness and flexibility of this pillow have been designed to respect the natural curve of the spine.

04. Airflow System

A ventilated design acting as a temperature regulator.

Your SleepIt pillow reacts to your body heat and will therefore ideally follow the natural curve of your neck. By forming a real mould around your body, it will adapt to all your movements during your sleep.

And when you wake up, it will instantly return to its original shape.